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750 Hours in the Summer of a Sports Fan

Hope springs eternal with the start of every new sports season… and that hope is what powers sports fans through their day. Sadly, for all but one team per league, that hope is crushed. It may not always be at the same time each season, but it’s still just as painful.

Rules for Watching Sports for the Non-Sports Fan

As all true sports fans know, the football season really ended last Sunday with the conference championship games. For die-hard football fans, Super Super Bowl Sunday takes the cake as the worst football viewing experience of the year. That said, I have formulated some simple rules for non-sports fans to watch and avoid physical injury or things being thrown at them.

Will Fans Continue to Show Up?

Let’s face it, professional sports are king in America, but their castles are shifting much like their fans; away from cities and into the suburbs.

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