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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Round 1

If you are a male, unless you are some sort of inhuman mutant, today is a national holiday. Although the process of having the first round on a Thursday is really, really, really stupid, it doesn’t take away from the joy that is the NFL Draft. Have a look at how I think the first round will shape up.

NFL Power Rankings Playoff Edition

Hard to believe that the NFL regular season has come and gone so quickly, but it has. What began as 32 is now down to 12.

Week 17 NFL Power Rankings (Contenders)

As much fun as it is to write about the also-rans, there is really no point. With that said, here are the power rankings for teams that still have a shot of making the playoffs:

Week 16 NFL Power Rankings

As teams begin showing their true colors, the top 2 remain unchanged, but a continued surge in the bottom tier will certainly shake up the 2011 draft order.

Week 15 NFL Power Rankings

There has been a slight shake-up at the top and the Patriots now claim #1. The division between the top 10 teams and everyone else has been clearly defined, and the also-rans are jockeying for draft position.

Week 13 NFL Power Rankings

Week 12 brought us the best football fight in a long time that didn’t involve Rex Ryan’s appetite and a live animal. The top 2 and bottom 4 remain unchanged, but there was some…

Week 12 NFL Power Rankings

For the first time in NFL history, after 11 weeks there are currently 19 teams within one game of first place. While a good number of the pretenders will be weeded out…

Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

Well that didn’t take long… Shawne Merriman was on the field for the Bills longer than my mid-season NFL power rankings were relevant. I fully expect this list to change more times than Shanahan’s stories, but here goes nothing.

2010 Midseason NFL Power Rankings, Part 1, 32-25

32. Carolina Panthers (1-7) When the local headline reads: “Carolina Panthers must turn to Clausen, Pike, or …” that is not a good sign. When the … stands for Keith Null, that’s an even worse sign. Factor in the injury concerns for DeAngelo Williams and the fact that Jonathan Stewart paid Darren Sharper to give […]

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