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Urban Meyer Made the Right Call in Retaining Fickell

As Urban Meyer was announced as Ohio State head coach, many in Buckeye Nation wondered what that meant for interim head coach Luke Fickell. Meyer put those questions to rest, and made the right call by announcing that Fickell would be retained on staff.

The Dreaded “Unnamed Source” Rears It’s Ugly Head Again

I understand the importance and necessity for reporters to protect their sources. Sources after all are what feeds the family and provides the lifeblood for the profession. However, the “unnamed source” is a different animal all together.

Ohio State – Arkansas 2011 Sugar Bowl Retro-Diary

With all that transpired tonight in the Sugar Bowl, it’s only right to pay homage to the great Bill Simmons with a retro-diary on the Ohio State 31-26 victory.

NCAA Again Sets the Gold Standard for Hypocrisy

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but the NCAA again reminded the world that they are the gold standard for hypocrisy.

College Football Bowl Picks: Part Three

With New Years just around the corner, that means college football bowl season has arrived. This year there are 70 teams that will be finishing up their season. Take a look at some quick takes on the teams that did make it and picks for each of the matchups.

Part Three:

Rivalry Week Preview: Ohio State – Michigan

Jim Tressel is looking to go 9-1 in his career against hated rivals Michigan, and it just so happens that he will get it done on Saturday.

One Way or Another, The BCS is 2 Weeks From Chaos

It’s hard to fathom that the 13th BCS National Championship Game will be held this January. Even harder to fathom is the fact that the obviously flawed system has been in place for this long. At this rate, it will catch up to the American Music Awards who just elected Justin Bieber as artist of […]

Week 12 College Football Top 10 Preview

As week 12 arrives in college football, this is the time National Title contenders to state their cases for inclusion in the BCS National Championship game. There are a slew of upset possibilities this week, so let’s examine the games and pick some winners.

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