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Selig Misses the Mark with Ubaldo Jimenez Suspension

Once again, Bud Selig has a chance to make a rational decision… and once again he caves to mob mentality.

Ryan Braun: 1 – Major League Baseball: 0

Bud Selig thought that he had an iron-clad drug testing policy in place. Unfortunately for him and Major League Baseball as a whole, missing one minor loophole cost them big time…

NLB Interview with JP Arencibia

Check out Dave Franco’s interview with JP Arencibia over at Next Level Ballplayer.

Top 10 MLB Free Agents With Predictions

The dust hasn’t yet settled on the MLB season and the improbable champion Cardinals but the free agency period is about to kick off. Here are my thoughts on where the top 10 free agents will end up when Spring Training kicks off in 4 months.

2011 World Series Preview: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Texas Rangers

In one of the more unlikely matchups imaginable the St. Louis Cardinals kick off this year’s fall classic on Wednesday by hosting the AL Champion Texas Rangers. Can the Cinderella Cards finish the run or does Texas have too much offense for them to handle?

MLB Playoff Preview: Division Series Edition

Baseball is entering it’s final month. If it’s anything like the previous month, we are in for a real treat. What started in March as 30 dreams has been reduced to 8. How it will play out is anyone’s guess, but I’ll do my best to predict… but even if I’m wrong, it’s still baseball and it’s still beautiful.

750 Hours in the Summer of a Sports Fan

Hope springs eternal with the start of every new sports season… and that hope is what powers sports fans through their day. Sadly, for all but one team per league, that hope is crushed. It may not always be at the same time each season, but it’s still just as painful.

Understanding the MLB Waiver Process

Judging from Twitter comments, the MLB waiver process to some is harder to figure out than how the Florida Marlins still exist as a team despite giving one of their best players a AAA timeout and having 347 fans at their last game. That notwithstanding, here is a primer on the August MLB waiver process.

Handicapping the 2011 MLB Pennant Races

With less than 2 months to go in the MLB season the pennant races are entering their stretch run. Let’s take a look at who’s in, who’s out, and how the races may shape up.

Cleveland Indians Roller Coaster Season Shows No Signs of Slowing

Exactly one week ago, the Cleveland Indians were about to embark on their most difficult road trip of the year. I expected the best, thought I was prepared for the worst, and experienced one of the more up-and-down baseball weeks of my life.

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