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How NCAA Football Realignment Should (but won’t) Shake Out

With Pitt and Syracuse on their way to the ACC and reportedly Texas and Oklahoma close to moving to the Pac-12, conference realignment is kicking into high gear. This is how I would set things up if I were the Dana White of NCAA football and had complete control.

NCAA Basketball Predictions Revisited & Bracket Projections

The college basketball season isn’t over, but it is getting to crunch time, so I will take a look back, see how my thoughts have translated and attempt to project which teams will make the tournament.

…And the Award for Comedy Goes to: Rich Rodriguez

Generally speaking, watching a grown man resort to begging is one of the sadder things in life. In the case of University of Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez, not only was it sad, but it was also embarrassing, bizarre, desperate and in a twisted way, hilarious.

2010-11 NCAA College Basketball Conference Previews and Predictions

In college basketball the gap between the haves and the have-nots is getting closer and closer each season. Look no further than last year when Butler from the Horizon league was literally an inch away from cutting down the nets.

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