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Putting Mike “Sticky Fingers” Leake’s Heist in Perspective

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If you are a sports fan, undoubtedly you’ve heard about Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mike “Sticky Fingers” Leake and his grand heist of 6 t-shirts from Macy’s. Here is a look at what the master criminal attempted to burgle from the department store:

The fact that only four colors are offered online means that may have had to double up on a couple colors. I’m hoping, for the team’s sake, he was caught with 6 red ones. I also hope that his master plan was to take them into the dressing room, put all 6 on at one time, and then walk out looking like this:

The total of the 6 shirts was $59.88. To put that in perspective with Leake’s 2011 salary of $425,000 (ignoring the 2 Million dollar signing bonus that he received):

Based on his 2011 projected stats he will pitch 162.2 innings this season and make $2612.71 per inning… the equivalent of nearly 262 shirts (on sale of course).

He’s also slated to throw 2829 pitches this season and make $150.23 per delivery… or 2.5 times the price of the 6 shirts every time he throws the ball.

Looking at the big picture, If Leake spent his entire pre-tax salary on American Rag t-shirts (which he won’t… he’ll just swipe them from Macy’s across the country), he could buy 42,585 pocket tee’s and still have just enough money left for the bag of Funions that I’m sure he was craving in the back of the police cruiser.


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