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NFL Power Rankings Playoff Edition

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Hard to believe that the NFL regular season has come and gone so quickly, but it has. What began as 32 is now down to 12, and after this weekend will be further whittled to 8. The threats of lockout are becoming more and more real, so enjoy NFL football while it’s guaranteed. Here are the final Sidepoints power rankings for the 2010-11 season.

1. (1) New England Patriots (14-2) – Week 17 meant nothing to them with regards to seeding, but Belichick wanted to put a stamp on the regular season. Brady played just barely into the 3rd quarter, but when he left, the Pats were annihilating the Dolphins. This team is like the 07 squad without the pressures of being undefeated.

2. (2) Atlanta Falcons (13-3) – Granted they played the Panthers and the game was meaningless, but the Falcons looked impressive while the starters were in there. Oddly, most “experts” are picking the Saints, Eagles, or Packers to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. I think that’s just how the Falcons like it.

3. (3) Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4) – The Steelers are getting healthy at the right time. Polamalu and Aaron Smith should be back near full strength coming off the bye week. That makes the Steelers a tough out. The new and improved Ben Roethlisberger even got engaged… something that the old “Big Ben” never would’ve done… The old “Big Ben” has 2 Super Bowls though, Yinzers hope the new model hasn’t lost his edge.

4. (5) Baltimore Ravens (12-4) – I still don’t see this team winning the Super Bowl since they play down to their competition, but Ray Lewis and company have another gear in the playoffs. They should beat the Chiefs, but if they get too aggressive, the Chiefs have the playmakers to make them pay.

5. (4) New Orleans Saints (11-5) –.The Saints have Drew Brees, but the rest of their offense is literally falling apart. Marques Colston had surprise knee surgery last week, and RBs Chris Ivory and Pierre Thomas were both placed on injured reserve this week. That leaves the trio of Reggie Bush, Julius Jones, and Ladell Betts to carry the Saints running game… Even the Seahawks are having  a chuckle thinking about that.

6. (9) Indianapolis Colts (10-6) – Peyton Manning has owned Rex Ryan in his career, and the Colts are peaking at the right time. This is the premier game of Wild Card weekend on paper. I just don’t think that a  Mark Sanchez led team will beat a Peyton Manning led team in the NFL playoffs. In reality I don’t think a Sanchez led team would beat a Peyton led team in any playoffs anywhere anytime.

7. (6) Chicago Bears (11-5) – The Bears had nothing to play for on Sunday and they acted like it. Remarkably the starters played the entire game. I should say they were in the game the entire time, but they didn’t play like they had any interest in being on the field. Jay Cutler had a QB rating of 43.5. They had better hope this bye week gets them going again, otherwise a date with Philly could be all she wrote for the Bears.

8. (7) Philadelphia Eagles (10-6) – Vick says he’s 75% healthy, which means he’s closer to 90%. They had better hope so because Kevin Kolb’s performance on Sunday was just a notch above Ryan Leaf. If the Packers can knock out Vick, they will roll. If not, this might be the most entertaining game of Wild Card Weekend

9. (8) Green Bay Packers (10-6) – In a game that meant everything to the Packers and nothing to the Bears, the Packers barely held on for the win. Not exactly a performance that inspires the masses, but they are a very dangerous team. Aaron Rodgers is good enough to beat a team by himself, and Clay Matthews is a one-man wrecking crew.

10. (10) New York Jets (11-5) – Rex Ryan said this game is personal to him. I just hope that means we aren’t going to see videos of him watching film on Peyton Manning’s feet. The Jets have claimed all along that they are built for the playoffs. Now is their chance to prove it, because they certainly weren’t built for the regular season; despite their record.

11. (12) Kansas City Chiefs (10-6) – Given the weapons this team has the Chiefs have a punchers chance against the Ravens. They also have relatively no playoff experience and a quarterback with the confidence of a 40-year old virgin. So, yes they have a punchers chance, but I’d wager they take many more than they dish out on Sunday.

12. (16) Seattle Seahawks (7-9) – Not much good to say about the Seahawks… I guess it’s a positive that they got a relative bargain in re-signing receiver Mike Williams. It’s also a positive that they won’t have to trot Charlie Whitehurst out there. Matt Hasselbeck had better enjoy his moment in the sun, even if it’s during a beatdown; it will probably be his last


3 Responses to “NFL Power Rankings Playoff Edition”


    …..and by “CHIEFS”, I mean either the PATRIOTS (my dream) or the STEELERS (my nightmare)…..

    Posted by Bobby Digital | January 7, 2011, 10:27 am
  2. So I’m in a pickle here…
    Saturday I have to attend the wedding of an elementary school friend of my fiance. I’ve met this girl once. So no football on Saturday.

    Sunday I’m free, except for the fact that it is muzzleloader season in Ohio. So it’s either football and no hunting, hunting and no football, or sitting in a tree in 20 degree weather hitting refresh on my phone every 10 seconds.

    I think I’ll go with the last option.

    Posted by Blaze Haze Blaze Blood Killa | January 7, 2011, 12:21 pm
  3. Yikes, that doesn’t sound like a fun Saturday. Hopefully the reception is at a hotel, in which case you can strategically blame the shellfish and have to go up to your room for an hour or 2 to “feel better” but watch the game.

    As for Sunday, you had better tag something, because, 1) I would like some jerky, and 2) that’s a lot to give up if you come home empty. The good news is the Baltimore-KC game is the early one, and that just may be a blowout. So you will be done by the time Philly-GB starts. Remember to take a backup battery.

    Posted by Jason Marlo | January 7, 2011, 1:29 pm

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