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World Series Preview: Part 1

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2010 World Series Preview: Part 1

Texas Rangers vs. San Francisco Giants

The networks may not be pleased with this pairing, but true baseball fans will be.  The Rangers and Giants matchup is an intriguing one. Two teams, mostly overlooked in their respective leagues, but have proven themselves worthy of meeting in the 106th edition of the fall classic. Both teams realized that their opening day lineups probably wouldn’t be enough to get them to this point and were very aggressive in making improvements to their rosters during the season. As it normally goes for teams with middle of the road payrolls, everything had to break right for them to get to this point, and with the exception of a few slight hiccups, it did. The real beauty of this series lies in the fact that it is a rare occurrence where neither team is harboring expectations.  Both teams head into this World Series as apparent underdogs who thoroughly and completely defeated the free-spending favorites in their respective leagues.  This Series gives the true baseball fan a chance to sit back and watch without much of a perceived media bias or preconceived notions. It gives a rare chance to enjoy the grand game on its greatest stage. It’s a shame that the series will most likely get bashed by the sports media because of its low ratings, and not praised for the raw emotion that comes along with two starved fan bases clawing for a long awaited world championship.


The Rangers are led by manager Ron Washington, who shoots straight and doesn’t pull any punches. Evidence of this can be seen earlier in the playoffs, when asked about starting pitcher Cliff Lee, his response, in classic Ron Washington style: “Cliff Lee ain’t no bullshit.” He may be a little rough around the edges, but he knows the game of baseball, his players love him, and he loves his players.

The Giants are led by Bruce Bochy. Bochy a former Manager of the Year is a baseball rat. He lives and breathes baseball and spends more time in his office than in his family room. He is very detail oriented and very player friendly. He has this Giants team about as close-knit as a team can be, and that has played a key role in getting a team that few truly believed in, to believe in themselves.


It’s somewhat difficult to find an edge in this matchup because both managers know their teams very well.  With that said the edge, for me is clearly in favor of Bruce Bochy because of his experience.  That is not selling Ron Washington short as he has complete buy-in from his squad and they would run through a wall for him. Bochy tends to trust his guys, understand the game situations, and not always go “by the book” (or in some cases binder). He has no problem bringing in his best pitcher for the situation, regardless of what inning. His style and the fact that he is proactive, rather than reactive, gives him an edge in my eyes as he does not wait for the game to come to him.


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