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Week 16 NFL Power Rankings

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1. (1) New England Patriots (12-2) –. In a game where they didn’t play very well, they still put up 31 points. The Pats defense gives up too many points, but their offense keeps getting richer with newfound RB prospect Dan Connolly.

2. (2) Atlanta Falcons (12-2) – Matt Ryan is having one of the best seasons by a quarterback with absolutely no chance of winning the MVP. I’m not sure that he cares if the Falcons keep their winning streak alive.

3. (3) Pittsburgh Steelers (10-4) – The Steelers hang on to #3 despite losing to the Jets. With Polamalu in there they are an entirely different team. That said, they still were one dropped pass away from beating the Jets.

4. (6) Philadelphia Eagles (10-4) –.Michael Vick is nearly unstoppable. There were times where the Giants had the perfect defense called and Vick still beat them. Granted if the Giants would’ve run the ball they win the game by 2 touchdowns, but they didn’t and Desean Jackson made them pay.

5. (5) Baltimore Ravens (10-4) – Big win for the Ravens, but I’m still not buying them as a Super Bowl contender. The offense is far too streaky and the defense for the first time in a while isn’t too difficult to score upon.

6. (4) New Orleans Saints (10-4) – The Saints have virtually no shot of winning the NFC South, but they look destined for a 1st round bye game against the CFL South winner. This week they have a chance to make a statement when they travel to Atlanta.

7. (9) Chicago Bears (10-4) – Is this 2006? The Bears are NFC North Champs and teams are actually kicking to Devin Hester? By dominating Joe Webb the Bears proved that running the wildcat 100% of the time is not an effective offense.

8. (10) New York Jets (10-4) – The Jets bowed up and knocked off the Steelers. Even better for Jet fans is that Mark Sanchez got hurt. He should play, but the Jets are one more big hit away from being an actual Super Bowl contender.

9. (8) New York Giants (9-5) – Matt Dodge knew not to kick to Desean Jackson, but he decided to do it anyway. The good news is that if he’s cut he should have no problem landing a job as Brett Favre’s personal advisor.

10 (7) Green Bay Packers (8-6) – Devastated by injury, the Packers still had a chance to beat the Patriots. Unfortunately QB Matt Flynn was expertly tutored in clock management by Les Miles during his time at LSU.

11. (11) Indianapolis Colts (8-6) – The Colts showed that they are still the Colts, while Austin Collie showed that he is one more hit from decapitation. All they have to do is get past the Raiders and Titans and they are looking at a first round game against the Jets.

12. (14) Kansas City Chiefs (9-5) – All the Chiefs have to do is win their last 2 for a probable date with the Ravens. In other news, the Ravens offered the Chiefs any player on their roster to use for the last 2 games…in an attempt to avoid:

13. (15) San Diego Chargers (8-6) – Breathing right down the Chiefs neck, they just need one misstep and they win the West and pose a serious threat to AFC contenders. Knowing the Chargers they will probably win their final two 84-3, and then get bounced in the first round.

14. (13) Jacksonville Jaguars (8-6) – The Jags and Bucs should agree to merge. Both teams have a decent amount of talent and half of an NFL fanbase. If they linked up, they could be a perennial playoff team. Otherwise, 9-7 is the upper limit for each.

15. (12) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-6) – Fitting that the franchise that started out 0-26 lost to a team with a 26 game road losing streak. The loss pretty much sealed the Bucs fate as playoff outsiders, but at least saved money for the 37 people that actually show up to Bucs games.

16. (16) Miami Dolphins (7-7) – The streak lives! Thanks to an unforeseen loss to Buffalo, the Dolphins have alternated losses and wins for the past 11 games. If you are a betting man, you might want to take them on the moneyline this week.

17. (18) Oakland Raiders (7-7) – Oakland ruined Tim Tebow’s first career start. Actually the Denver defense did, but the Raiders should be proud that they won’t have a top 10 pick to screw up this year. They will have to be content screwing up #14 or so.

18. (20) Dallas Cowboys (5-9) – Jason Garrett looks like he will hang on to the coaching job in Dallas, and the Cowboys look like a pretty good football team. It’s a shame that they aren’t in the NFC West or there would be one team worth watching out there.

19. (17) Houston Texans (5-9) – Bill Cowher has allegedly expressed interest in the Texans job should it become open. If that’s true, Kubiak will be out faster than a glass egg nog in the hands of your drunken uncle.

20. (19) St. Louis Rams (6-8) – With the Rams loss, that brings all 4 of the CFL South teams right where they belong: #20 or lower. All kidding aside whoever wins this division is going to get annihilated by the Saints.

21. (21) Seattle Seahawks (6-8) – Fresh fish for Christmas in Seattle! The Seahawks will be in Tampa, but I’m really struggling to come up with positives about the CFL South.

22. (25) Tennessee Titans (6-8) – Surprised that Kerry Collins put up 30 in a win this week? I’m not, I don’t care if he’s 37 or 67; he gives the Titans a much better chance of success than the walking temper tantrum Vince Young.

23. (22) Minnesota Vikings (5-9) – Watching Brett Favre coming to grips with his own mortality is one of the saddest undertones of this NFL season. His heart is as strong as ever, but his body is being held together by electrical tape. He has 2 more games to avoid death, but I’m not even sure that would keep him off the field

24. (27) Buffalo Bills (4-10) – After starting 0-8, the Bills have won 4 of 6 and are officially out of the Andrew Luck equation. Since that’s taken care of, Ryan Fitzpatrick can go back to being Ryan Fitzpatrick. In other words, keep him out of your fantasy lineups.

25. (23) San Francisco 49ers (5-9) – At 5-9 the 49ers are only one game out of the division lead. It looks like 7-9 will take the division, but

26. (28) Detroit Lions (4-10) – Not only did the Lions snap their 26-game road losing streak, but with 2 wins in a row they started a streak of their own. Might not sound like much, but it’s their first winning streak of any kind since 2007.

27. (24) Cleveland Browns (5-9) – Barring a miracle, the Browns will not finish in the cellar of the AFC North. That won’t be enough to save Mangini’s job, but Holmgren’s presence may do the unthinkable, entice talent to want to come to Cleveland.

28. (26) Washington Redskins (5-9) – Rex Grossman threw 4 touchdowns, but he also had what is known as the “Grossman:” a 3 turnover game. If he has another one this week, that will give him 10 Grossmans in 30 career starts.

29. (31) Cincinnati Bengals (3-11) – The TO sideshow lasted longer than expected in Cincinnati. Where will he end up next year? Hopefully in the same place as Randy Moss so they can start a TV show of their own: TO & Randy’s 0 Ring Hour.

30. (30) Denver Broncos (3-11) – If the Broncos keep it up, they could find themselves having the #1 pick in the draft, which means Andrew Luck, and the Tim Tebow era coming to a close before it really got going. That said, If they draft another offensive player in the 1st round fans will burn Invesco Field to the ground.

31. (29) Arizona Cardinals (4-10) – The Cardinals lost to the Panthers. The only thing keeping them out of the #32 spot is my Christmas generosity.

32. (32) Carolina Panthers (2-12) – Only the Panthers could mess up what should easily be the #1 pick in the NFL draft. With Pittsburgh and Atlanta on the schedule, it’s not looking good, but the Falcons may have homefield wrapped up by then, so there is still a chance.


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