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5 People You Should Immediately Follow on Twitter

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As I was driving home yesterday, a radio show was asking callers: “If you could only follow one person on Twitter, who would it be?” In reality it’s a throwaway question by a lazy radio host who didn’t feel like doing his job. Obviously you aren’t, and won’t ever be restricted to just one person; that’s the point of Twitter. Still, people have asked me which celebrities they should follow; while I usually tailor my answer to their personalities, the five below should be essential adds:

  • Darren Rovell (@DarrenRovell) – If you care anything about sports and/or sports business, Darren Rovell is an absolute must follow. He tweets more interesting sports business related information than the rest of the people that I follow combined. If I were playing along with the radio host’s game and there was a gun to my head and had to choose only one person to follow, first I would seriously question my life choices to get into such a nonsensical situation, then I would probably answer Darren Rovell. You can catch him on CNBC or here:
  •  Chrissy Teigen (@ChrissyTeigen) – Full disclosure, a year ago at this time I had no idea who Chrissy Teigen was. I’ve still never actually heard her speak or see her in anything but pictures. No offense meant, she has no idea who I am either. However, at this point she’s an essential follow. She’s hilarious, sarcastic, shoots straight, and is marrying a Buckeye. Oh yea and she’s a foodie who loves to cook and who you  may find attractive if you are in to that whole exotic supermodel thing… check her out at:
  •  Bill Simmons (@sportsguy33) – Simmons is the Apple of sports related follows. He puts out a great product, but there are still a small percentage of people who dislike him simply because he has become something of a phenomenon. With 1.6 million followers he is the gold standard in sports/pop culture writing despite a small minority thinking he sold out by joining ESPN, or that he’s mailed it in by doing too many podcasts and mailbags. I think the criticism couldn’t be further from the truth. He churns out high quality and entertaining pieces regardless of medium. Talented people shouldn’t face artificial restrictions and Simmons is a shining example of that. You can find him at:
  •  Keith Law (@KeithLaw) – Another brilliant guy that has his share of critics. In fact, fans from all 30 MLB teams believe that he absolutely hates their team. Truth is, he’s the king of snark, knows baseball, baseball players, and how to scout. ESPN pays him for his opinions and he gives them openly and honestly. Even if you don’t agree with his thoughts, he’s right far more than he’s wrong. Adding to that, we both love to cook, read, play board games, share a favorite book, and he even has tips on how to learn a new language. Head over to Keith’s site and enjoy:
  •  Michael Symon (@chefsymon) – Ok, this is a homer pick, but Michael Symon is Cleveland. He’s not only leading the Cleveland food revolution (and if you don’t believe Cleveland is a great food town, just take a trip and enjoy), but he also takes the time out to make sure that everyone knows where he’s from. He is a fantastic chef who has a mini-empire of sorts forming. I would put Michael and his flagship restaurant Lola up against any chef/restaurant in the world (try the beef cheek pierogi). In a hurry? Go grab a burger at his B-Spot. Not in Cleveland? No problem. You can see the Iron Chef on the Food Network or weekdays at 1PM on ABC’s The Chew.

The Next Few (in no particular order):

  • Joe Rogan (@joerogan) – No one can accuse him of thinking inside the box.
  • Logan Morrison (@LoMoMarlins) – If you are going to follow one baseball player, LoMo is the one.
  • Trent Dilfer (@TDESPN) – His film studies alone would make him a great follow.
  • Michael Smith (@MrMichael_Smith) – ESPN Personality, Co-host of Numbers Never Lie
  • The Brothers Stangel, Justin (@Justin_Stangel) & Eric (@EricStangel) – Head writers for the David Letterman show. Well worth a follow.
  • Joe Posnaski (@JPosnanski) – The best sportswriter alive today.
  • Charissa Thompson (@CharissaT) –Co-host of Numbers Never Lie, best female sports reporter working.


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