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Dove® Men + Care® (Sponsored Post)

Many thanks to the good people at Dove who were kind enough to send me a Dove® Men + Care® “Journey to Comfort” package that included their latest products from the Dove® Men + Care® line.

Social Misfits You Will Find at the Gym

If you have been to a gym even semi-regularly within the last 10 years, there is no doubt that you have seen many if not every type of person mentioned on this list. If you are one of them, please realize it and make an effort to repair your anti-social, disturbing, or downright creepy behaviors.

The Official 2011 Jason Marlo Happy Birthday Contest

Who will be the most famous person to wish me a happy birthday? It could be you!

Commercial Break

For any of you wondering why there hasn’t been anything new posted to Sidepoints in a while, fear not I will be back with a vengeance. However, I am currently on my honeymoon after getting married last week. So hang on a little longer and you will be rewarded with dry sarcasm, attempted humor, and […]

How Can the USPS be Bankrupt? I Have an Idea…

The USPS has been around for over 200 years. The business model isn’t complicated. A human being needs to send something to another human being. They take it to the post office, pay a fee, and it’s delivered where it needs to go. Hard to screw this process up? hardly…

Eternal Question Finally Answered: Who is the Greatest Movie Cop of All-Time?

Inevitably in any social setting known to man the question of “Who is the best movie cop of all-time?” perks it’s head up out of nowhere to hijack the conversation for the rest of the evening. With this bracket, that question can finally now be definitively answered.

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