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2012 New Year’s Resolutions for Cleveland Sports

Let’s face it, Cleveland sports are not exactly trending upward. However, in the spirit of the New Year, I’ve decided to list just a few of the many should-be New Year’s Resolutions for Cleveland sports teams.

Must Click Link: The Epic Journey of a Friend of Sidepoints

Dave Franco and his friends had a dream… and they lived that dream… well truthfully they lost their money, snuck in to World Series Game 7, got an impromptu lap dance and had more fun in a day than people have in years.

750 Hours in the Summer of a Sports Fan

Hope springs eternal with the start of every new sports season… and that hope is what powers sports fans through their day. Sadly, for all but one team per league, that hope is crushed. It may not always be at the same time each season, but it’s still just as painful.

Who’s To Blame For All of the Pro Wrestling Deaths? Only One Man…

With over 100 premature deaths over the past 25 years in professional wrestling, that begs the question of what or who is to blame? Drugs? Obesity? Steroids? Maybe, but I have a different opinion altogether.

2011 Kentucky Derby Picks & Preview

The first Saturday in May means it’s again time for horse racing’s biggest day. Still deciding on who to pick? Check out the breakdown and quick picks that will hopefully fill your wallet.

Which City Had the Worst Sports Year of All-Time?

Which city had the worst sports year of all-time? (hint: it’s not Cleveland)

Rules for Watching Sports for the Non-Sports Fan

As all true sports fans know, the football season really ended last Sunday with the conference championship games. For die-hard football fans, Super Super Bowl Sunday takes the cake as the worst football viewing experience of the year. That said, I have formulated some simple rules for non-sports fans to watch and avoid physical injury or things being thrown at them.

Will Fans Continue to Show Up?

Let’s face it, professional sports are king in America, but their castles are shifting much like their fans; away from cities and into the suburbs.

Last Minute Must-Have Christmas Gifts for the Sports Fan in Your Life

If you don’t want the sports fan in your life to be disappointed when they tear open their gifts this Christmas, you might want to grab your wallet and get them something from this list.

Sports Don’t Have to be Relationship Timebombs

As the NFL season approaches week 11 and the holidays are nearing, this is about the time each season where guys start to complain more and more that their significant other is getting after them about how much football that they watch.

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